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Anti-White Racism! It’s The Whites Who Suffer Racism!

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says…

The ideology fueling riots in America is “dangerous and anti-white.”  Dr. Roberts explains, “They are trying to give impunity to violence that is conducted in the name of opposing white racism.  If you want to take action against white racism, which includes all white people because, by definition, if you are white, you are a racist.  So, any violence against white racism is, therefore, tolerated because it would be illegitimate to try to stop that violence.  This is the reason the Democrats have not taken any action to prevent, quell or control the rioting, looting and burning.  Law and order is white privilege, and white privilege upholds white racism and, therefore, law and order is in the way of justice.  So, that’s the way they reason, and this kind of reasoning has been shaping up over a period of many years.  It’s part of cultural Marxism.  It’s part of identity politics, and now it’s come into its own. . . . What people don’t know because they are so brain washed is the real racism in America today is anti-white racism. It’s the whites who suffer racism.  They are the ones who are suffering the racism.”

Lord help us to defeat the tribe with the false gods of hatred and violence.

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

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Greg Hunter: Anti-White Racism in America Is Real - Fed Will Have Problem When Gold Hit’s $3,000! – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Video – Wednesday Sep 02 2020 00:15

Black On White Violence 1,000% Higher Than White On Black Violence! 

Black On White Violence 1,000% Higher Than White On Black Violence! 


February 11, 2020 - Despite him being essentially correct.

According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, black offenders committed 52 percent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008.

Black people make up roughly 13 percent of the U.S. population. Since black men and not black women commit the vast majority of homicides, that means 52 percent of the homicides are being committed by roughly 6.5 percent of the population.

FBI figures also show that 38.5 percent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black, again mostly black males – meaning that 38.5 percent of such crimes are being committed by roughly 6.5 percent of the population.


93 percent of black homicide victims were also killed by other black people.

How do we let them call themselves victims????

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'Democrat Revolutionaries' Are Pushing For Their Own Slaughter By 'Declaring War Upon America' - So Arm Up Heavily Now, Because 'War' Has Been Declared Upon 10's Of Millions Of Law-Abiding Conservative Americans! June 29, 2020

Though as you'll see in the warning we've republished below, this BLM flyer looks to us here at ANP as if WAR has already been declared upon 'white America' by marxist BLM, giving us another great reason to stock up big time on guns, ammunition and ways to defend our families, loved ones and children.

With the BLM note specifically threatening 'white children', what has America come to? The contents of the note is below before we conclude our story with several different video reports taking a look at this unfolding madness, including one from 'voice of reason' Colonel Allen West who, as a black man, is sick and tired of Marxist/racist blm.   

Attention White -- men women and children! 

* You are the enemy! 

* We will not stop until there are more white homicides than Black 

* We will not stop untiil ALL white people are sent to re-education camps 

* We will not stop until White people pay Extra Taxes to support Black individuals 

* We will not Stop until Black Power runs ALL government 

* We will not allow any White Person to date another race  

* We support NO white owned business 

 *Hate is OK if directed at White Families

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New Police Shooting Stats Show Law Enforcement Is Not the Enemy!

For the race baiters, cop haters, Hollywood elite, and anti-American left wing socialist/communist lunatics, the statistics are in for suspects shot and killed by the American police, and they’re not going to be happy.

2018 Approximately 10,000,000 arrests for that year.

995 people were shot and killed by police.

403 were white, 210 were black, 148 were Hispanic, 38 were classified as other, and 199 were classified as unknown.

Out of that 995, 47 were unarmed — 23 were white, 17 were black, 5 were Hispanic, and 2 were unknown.

10 million people were arrested, and less than 0.01 percent were shot and killed by the police. Out of those 10 million people arrested, 47 of those shot and killed were unarmed, which equates to 0.00047 percent, 17 of which were black.

Remarkably, for the race baiting, cop hating, left-wing propagandists that promote the social theory that all police officers are relentlessly targeting and gunning down unarmed people of color, these statistics prove those claims could not be farther from the truth. The reality is that out of the 10,000,000 arrests made last year in the U.S., 17 black people shot and killed by the police were unarmed, which equates to 0.00017 percent. 

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YouTube Deletes Video Exposing FBI Stats On Black Crime!  –  Watch Here

Hope And Pray For The Best! But! Prepare For The Worse!

Lord help us to defeat the tribe with the false gods of hatred and violence.

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